THE Science



Flash Frozen Curing is what happens when you combine science with cannabis. Now that cannabis is legal, we think that the way we cured, store and consume cannabis should change too. We have done the research and the new wave of cannabis technology results in cannabis that is fresher, smokes smoother and gives you more bud for your buck. Now let’s talk about that science.


The Process

Flash Frozen Curing uses flash freezing immediately after harvest and a process called “sublimation” to remove nearly all water from the cannabis plant. Normally, cannabis is dried in a warehouse or other indoor room for weeks to months. During that time, it’s not just water that’s evaporating from the cannabis — but also terpenes and other useful chemicals. Some of the THC and CBD are also degrading, changing the effect of the plant when consumed.



Cannabis that is closer to the living state of the plant — and not decayed by hanging the plant to dry for weeks — has better flavor and more of the chemicals that make the plant beloved by the masses. Not only that, but by removing more water weight than traditional curing you’re also getting more bud for your buck. And you’ll also notice the difference when you smoke — with less water in the plant, the smoke is less harsh for your throat and lungs.


There’s no one like us.

All our research produces a product that is smoother, fresher and cleaner than traditional bud.

This is what makes our flower so special. We’ve also made a video that proves there’s a big difference in the amount of bud you get with space weed vs. normally cured cannabis: