Why Percent-THC Is Not The Best Way to Choose Cannabis

There is a common belief in the cannabis community that THC content is the only way to find the best weed. People who are in touch with cannabis science know that’s not true. There are many ways to choose the best cannabis and any method based on a single chemical is not going to tell the entire story.

Cannabis acts on the human body through a variety of chemicals, not just THC. While prohibition-era science of the mid 20th century focused on THC as “the” psychoactive chemical in cannabis, the truth is that it’s a complex concert of chemicals that interact with cannabinoids like THC and a system of the human body called the endocannabinoid system. 


The endocannabinoid system is present in all mammals and controls development and other important body functions. Cannabis contains dozens of these signaling molecules, called cannabinoids -- THC is a cannabinoid. They are the same type of chemical compounds that the human body produces. The versions produced by your body are called “endocannabinoids” while the ones produced by the cannabis plant are called “phytocannabinoids.”

THC is just one. There’s the next most well-known cannabinoid, CBD, and then down through the list of other common cannabinoids like CBN, CBG and through so many more that not all of them have been identified. Several have been studied, however, and shown to have medicinal effects unique to each of them, as well as their collective effect.

There’s also terpenes. Terpenes are simple organic compounds that are so common in nature that they are the building blocks of all animal cells. Terpenes in cannabis are also found in plants like rosemary, oranges, pine trees and lavender. The terpenes from those plants have been studied in depth and have powerful effects all their own.

Through an effect known as the “entourage effect” all these compounds and more in the cannabis plant work together to produce the high that differs from plant to plant and person to person. It’s truly impossible to completely separate just one compound from the cannabis plant as a sole identifier of the potency of a strain, despite efforts by regulators. 


If you’re walking into a dispensary and simply asking for the cannabis with the highest percent THC you are going to miss out on a lot of really excellent weed. You need to think outside the box that regulators and marketing departments have put you in. You should try something different.

Space Weed is different. Our process doesn’t produce bud that feels or smokes like traditional cannabis. Many people who are very attached to the previous way of curing cannabis are confused by this and often want to stick with what they know. Just like those that only go by the percent THC on the label.

But those who realize that flash frozen cured bud is fresher than normal cannabis quickly figure out that there’s something special about Space Weed. We preserve the flower in nearly the same exact state that it’s in when it’s still alive on the plant. No other type of cannabis can claim that. Our cannabis contains different amounts of all the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant than normal bud. Our curing method also better preserves terpenes compared to normal hang-dried weed.

So don’t judge your cannabis by one number on a label. Try different strains, see how they make you feel. We’d be honored if you’d give our unique bud a try too. 

Our cannabis has many benefits. It’s drier so it stays fresher longer and is less harsh when smoked -- and with less water weight due to our unique process, you get more bud for your buck. It has also had a lot less time to degrade while curing in comparison to typical bud. And our unique texture means that you don’t need a grinder to crumble the bud.

We’re the only cannabis that’s truly different from the dozens of other brands. You may find that something different was exactly what you needed.

flash frozen cured(2).PNG

The Genesis of Space Weed | Cannabiz Interview with CannaGenesis CEO Eric Young

By Karen Carter

At one time Astronaut Ice Cream became a popular fad. Flash frozen ice cream produced a unique, cool treat that was fun to eat and play with. Now the next great thing may be Space Weed.

CannaGenesis has used science to develop flash frozen cannabis. The company is excited to offer this product for consumption in Washington. There are plans to expand into other states through partnerships and licensing deals. CannaGenesis and Space Weed CEO Eric Young would like to introduce you to his company and its revolutionary product.


CBJ: What is CannaGenesis?

Eric: Cannagenesis is a licensed Washington state tier 3 producer/processor since 2015. Our focus is on sustainable growing methods, product innovations, and branding. We invest heavily in research and development and then bring products to market quickly for customer feedback.

CBJ: What is the current state of the market in Washington?

Eric: The market has been very challenging for most producers. Washington has a total sales tax of 47%, which keeps the black market going. It also has the most stringent rules against vertical integration, which means only the very best producers will ever make it on the retail shelves. However, the market has been fantastic for customers. Higher quality, lower prices, and the widest selection of products anywhere. We are also seeing the emergence of brands in Washington with more professional packaging and marketing campaigns than other states.

CBJ: How does your company deal with those challenges?

Eric: We see it as a blessing in disguise. Only the best producers are going to survive. We need to make the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost. We did not want to be in a “race to the bottom” in prices, and made a critical decision to differentiate our products so we would not be competing directly with other companies.

CBJ: How is your company different?

Eric: We have a patent-pending drying method called “Flash Frozen Curing.” It allows us to dry flower in hours instead of weeks while preserving the flower in its freshest state. Hanging dried plants degrade very quickly, and [the] valuable terpenes evaporate as the plants are exposed to oxygen. With our method, we can retain the original size, color, smell, and potency of the flower for years!


CBJ: How did you invent this curing method?

Eric: I started freezing our fresh flower years ago in order to process live resin concentrates. The quality of live resin is undeniable with the preservation of terpene content due to fresh frozen input material. I then began experimenting on drying fresh frozen material into smokeable flower with various equipment, materials, and processes. It’s quite challenging to get it right since flower buds all have different sizes and structures and mistakes are very costly.


CBJ: What do customers think of Flash Frozen Cured flower?

Eric: It has been quite polarizing! The flower is unlike anything else on the market. It looks, feels, and smokes very different than regular flower. Some old school smokers don’t like it, but we have found a very loyal following of customers that are quite obsessed over it. Some of our earliest fans started referring to it as “space weed” due to its lightweight and super unique texture, so we trademarked “Space Weed” and did a rebrand.

CBJ: Why exactly do your customers love “Space Weed”?

Eric: It starts with appearance. Space Weed is very pretty, the buds are big and the colors are vibrant. We are also giving the customer much more weed for the weight they are paying for. This is because Space Weed has lower water content, so that means more flower per gram, rather than excess water weight. So you can visually see that a gram of our weed looks like two grams of traditionally cured flower. We proudly display this in our jars. Wet flower is a bad deal for the customers since they pay by weight and water is heavy. Wet flower also oxidizes and degrades faster as it dries out. Space Weed is evenly dried so it’s very soft and easy to break apart—no need for a grinder. This also makes it burn clean and smooth, leaving only white ash.


We hear from customers who swear Space Weed is the smoothest smoke they have ever had. You can rip a giant bong hit and never cough! It’s also ideal if you prefer vaping or have a Volcano. We have heard from customers that have lung problems or have recently had lung/neck surgery that Flash Frozen Cured Space Weed is the only flower product that they can consume. We have also learned that customers who smoke Space Weed three or more times in a row can tell the difference when they smoke traditionally cured cannabis.

In an industry where customer loyalty has been extremely difficult to retain, we have seen significant customer loyalty and we believe that is attributed to the unique benefits of Flash Frozen Cured Space Weed.

CBJ: Can you tell us about your growing methods?

Eric: Cannagenesis is proudly clean green certified, our growing and drying methods are chemical-free. We grow year round in light deprivation greenhouses with LED lights to conserve energy. Our plants are grown in living soil using natural amendments like worm castings. This means we can recycle our soil since it’s not full of chemicals commonly found in bottled nutrients. It also means clean flower, free of pesticides and heavy metals. Sustainable growing is the right choice for our business, our customers, and the environment.

CBJ: What other products is CannaGenesis making?

Eric: Mostly byproducts from our Flash Frozen Curing method. We have a popular line of pre-rolled joints called Space Cones. They are bigger than normal joints and extremely smooth. We have a really nice bubble hash and rosin line coming soon for our concentrate lovers.


We are also investing heavily in products geared for new cannabis users and lightweights. This is a huge market opportunity that is currently underserved in retail stores. These products include a low potency cigarette called “Cannalites” and a low-dose tablet. Again all of our products come from Flash Frozen Cured flower to ensure the highest quality.

CBJ: Do you have any further expansion plans?

Eric: Yes, I have already been approached by several growers regarding our drying technology. So I formed a new company called CannaGenesis Technologies and started signing licensing deals this year with producers in Washington and beyond. I designed and built a new machine that is optimal for our drying technology and will be offering the equipment on a leasing contract. And we will be licensing our Space Weed brand, as well, to producers looking for marketing support.

For more information on CannaGenesis visit them online at cannagenesis.com


By: Collin Lee Johnson

Within the last year, Tier-3 producer/processor CannaGenesis operating out of Bellingham has been putting out some truly unique cannabis aptly named, Space Weed. What makes their weed aptly futuristic is the way they go about curing it. They were already flash freezing cannabis post-harvest for live resin, and thought to themselves—can we make this frozen weed smokeable again? This is where they began thinking of all the different problems they could solve.

The result of their scientific research and development is cannabis unlike any I’ve ever felt before. I got my hands on a gram of their XJ-13 that had the looks of a full eighth. The reason for this is there’s no moisture content in the weed at all, which means more flower by weight. CannaGenesis uses a process called sublimation to immediately remove any moisture from the cannabis within two days of harvesting. After a conversation with CEO Eric Young I found out why this weed was hands-down the easiest to break down and roll-up.


How Does Sublimation Work?

Eric told me that within an hour of harvest their product will be Flash Frozen Cured. That means they’ll go into a freezing-chamber of sorts that will quickly bring the cannabis to sub-zero temperatures. The process they then utilize that involves dropping the pressure in the chamber to create a vacuum that induces a phase change called sublimation. This will turn the ice crystals immediately into a gaseous state while preserving the flower’s taste, color, and shape. The patent-pending method CannaGenesis uses removes over 80% of the water weight!

I’m not joking when I say I took nugs of this pleasantly potent XJ-13 and crumbled it in my hands and was immediately able to twist it into a blunt. Usually people associate high-quality weed with stickiness and resiny goodness, but Eric said that this is a byproduct of high levels of moisture, not potency.

Moisture leaving cannabis that sits in packaging is the reason it will change colors, and lose potency over time. Space Weed has essentially a never-ending shelf-life since it contains such trace amounts of moisture. “If you want to hold on to it a bit longer, flash freezing is the way to go,” Young said.

The XJ-13 itself was a credit to its genetics. The 70/30 sativa-dominant strain is known to induce a pleasant cerebral high while stimulating the body. I found this to be the case as I quickly rolled the condensed cotton candy-like buds into a blunt and got terribly lost in thought after a few smooth rips.




By: Johnathon Olson-Koziol

Live resin is one of the best types of cannabis concentrates to surface in the recreational market in recent memory. Dropping a glob on a nail at the perfect temperature can release flavors unrivaled in any other form of cannabis consumption. The realization of live resin’s potential has made it a must carry for recreational retailers and it now comes in different consistencies and colors. Eric Young, CEO of Cannagenesis, also recognized live resin’s potential. “The reason we discovered Space Weed and started researching it was to solve different problems,” Young said. 

Space Weed is like ‘live resin flower.’ The secret to creating live resin is preserving the terpene profile during the harvest. They do so by flash freezing the plants and extracting oil from the frozen starting material. Young wondered what would happen if they refined the freezing process to cure frozen flower back into a smokable product. That curing process is called sublimation and the result is Space Weed.

The Packaging

Space Weed packages their flower in simple plastic jars with colorful galaxy and space graphics on the lid. The lid contains the strain and a nick name. Their Pineapple Express is also called Gum Wall. Through the jar, this single gram is one large bud that almost fills the entire space. One gram easily looks like an eighth from other brands on a recreational store shelf. This is a direct result of their flash freezing curing process.


Process of Sublimation

The process of sublimation involves carefully removing all of the water content from the flower. Removing all of the moisture content from the cannabis gives the customers more bud for their buck. One gram of Space Weed is extrememly close to one gram of pure cannabis flower. 

One crack of the jar and you notice the candy, bubble gum, and pine aromas from the Gum Wall. It’s one of the more interesting Pineapple Express strains I’ve ever tried. This Hawaiian and Trainwreck cross is known for prickly sweet aromas and a stoney cerebral high. 

It’s obvious that Space Weed’s curing process does a great job of preserving the original terpene profile. Terpenes are very volatile molecules by nature. During a standard hanging cure, these volatile terpenes evaporate into the air along with the water molecules. Freezing the terpenes keeps them intact, so when you unscrew the jar, the distinct aroma that comes with a strain’s terpene profile is much easier to detect.


The Texture

The most noticeable difference from Space Weed and other brands is the flower’s texture. Space Weed is aerated like cotton candy or packing peanuts rather than being sticky and resinous. This might make users skeptical because it’s so alien from any other weed they’ve smoked, but it’s just different. 

Space Weed contains anywhere from five to eight percent less water content than other products on the shelf. This increases the volume of weed the customer pays for but significantly changes the flower’s texture as a result. 

Gum Wall broke down in my grinder like a warm biscuit crumbling in your hand. The flower didn’t stick to the teeth and it was a welcome change of pace. If one were so inclined, this weed could be crumbled by hand right into a bowl, blunt or joint wrap. While the texture spun me at first, there are major benefits to it as well. 

Less water leads to other benefits for retailers like increased shelf life. Less water content means it can’t oxidize and dry out on the shelf as quickly because the water has already been carefully removed. Fuller jars look more appealing to a consumer. Especially when one-gram nugs look like an entire dub sack you’d get back in the day.


The Experience

Burning through a few bong bowls of Space Weed’s Pineapple Express a.k.a Gum Wall, I noticed a few things. The flower is smooth. Roasting through stuffed bong bowls didn’t leave the scratchy burn on the back of my throat like other flower does. Water is a good conductor of heat, so when there’s less water, less burn. 

There’s a sweet flavor accompanying each rip as well. It’s not a potent flavor, but it tastes clean, fresh, and packs a potent stoney motivational high. Not to mention Space Weed is Clean Green Certified, so you know you’re getting a safe and pesticide-free product. 

Overall, Space Weed’s Gum Wall was a wonderfully different version of the Pineapple Express strain. There are definitely some major differences in Space Weed, but these differences are also benefits and help solve problems for retailers and consumers that other brands can’t.