By: Johnathon Olson-Koziol

Live resin is one of the best types of cannabis concentrates to surface in the recreational market in recent memory. Dropping a glob on a nail at the perfect temperature can release flavors unrivaled in any other form of cannabis consumption. The realization of live resin’s potential has made it a must carry for recreational retailers and it now comes in different consistencies and colors. Eric Young, CEO of Cannagenesis, also recognized live resin’s potential. “The reason we discovered Space Weed and started researching it was to solve different problems,” Young said. 

Space Weed is like ‘live resin flower.’ The secret to creating live resin is preserving the terpene profile during the harvest. They do so by flash freezing the plants and extracting oil from the frozen starting material. Young wondered what would happen if they refined the freezing process to cure frozen flower back into a smokable product. That curing process is called sublimation and the result is Space Weed.

The Packaging

Space Weed packages their flower in simple plastic jars with colorful galaxy and space graphics on the lid. The lid contains the strain and a nick name. Their Pineapple Express is also called Gum Wall. Through the jar, this single gram is one large bud that almost fills the entire space. One gram easily looks like an eighth from other brands on a recreational store shelf. This is a direct result of their flash freezing curing process.


Process of Sublimation

The process of sublimation involves carefully removing all of the water content from the flower. Removing all of the moisture content from the cannabis gives the customers more bud for their buck. One gram of Space Weed is extrememly close to one gram of pure cannabis flower. 

One crack of the jar and you notice the candy, bubble gum, and pine aromas from the Gum Wall. It’s one of the more interesting Pineapple Express strains I’ve ever tried. This Hawaiian and Trainwreck cross is known for prickly sweet aromas and a stoney cerebral high. 

It’s obvious that Space Weed’s curing process does a great job of preserving the original terpene profile. Terpenes are very volatile molecules by nature. During a standard hanging cure, these volatile terpenes evaporate into the air along with the water molecules. Freezing the terpenes keeps them intact, so when you unscrew the jar, the distinct aroma that comes with a strain’s terpene profile is much easier to detect.


The Texture

The most noticeable difference from Space Weed and other brands is the flower’s texture. Space Weed is aerated like cotton candy or packing peanuts rather than being sticky and resinous. This might make users skeptical because it’s so alien from any other weed they’ve smoked, but it’s just different. 

Space Weed contains anywhere from five to eight percent less water content than other products on the shelf. This increases the volume of weed the customer pays for but significantly changes the flower’s texture as a result. 

Gum Wall broke down in my grinder like a warm biscuit crumbling in your hand. The flower didn’t stick to the teeth and it was a welcome change of pace. If one were so inclined, this weed could be crumbled by hand right into a bowl, blunt or joint wrap. While the texture spun me at first, there are major benefits to it as well. 

Less water leads to other benefits for retailers like increased shelf life. Less water content means it can’t oxidize and dry out on the shelf as quickly because the water has already been carefully removed. Fuller jars look more appealing to a consumer. Especially when one-gram nugs look like an entire dub sack you’d get back in the day.


The Experience

Burning through a few bong bowls of Space Weed’s Pineapple Express a.k.a Gum Wall, I noticed a few things. The flower is smooth. Roasting through stuffed bong bowls didn’t leave the scratchy burn on the back of my throat like other flower does. Water is a good conductor of heat, so when there’s less water, less burn. 

There’s a sweet flavor accompanying each rip as well. It’s not a potent flavor, but it tastes clean, fresh, and packs a potent stoney motivational high. Not to mention Space Weed is Clean Green Certified, so you know you’re getting a safe and pesticide-free product. 

Overall, Space Weed’s Gum Wall was a wonderfully different version of the Pineapple Express strain. There are definitely some major differences in Space Weed, but these differences are also benefits and help solve problems for retailers and consumers that other brands can’t.